Deepika, lost 30 Kg

Earlier Weight: 100 Kg

Treatment: 45 Tucks

Duration Of Programme: 1 Year

With the onset of weight, she started feeling persistent pain in her body and as a result became relatively inactive. Her weight gradually began to increase, her weight had crossed 85 kilos and she was diagnosed as clinically obese. Her doctor warned her that she would have to lose weight or be prepared for the onset of serious health problems.

After losing 30 kgs, this is what she has to say

Earlier I used to say, "forget it"… I say, "lets do it!". It is amazing how my lifestyle has transformed me – from chronic knee pain and ill health, I feel like I have been given a new lease of life

Jyoti, lost 14.5 Kg

Earlier Weight: 107 Kg

Treatment: 30 tucks & 2 Instawrap

Duration Of Programme: 5 Months

She weighed 107 kgs….she didn't have the energy to move around. She didn't have the energy to walk up a single flight of stairs. She also noticed that doing the simplest of chores would leave her breathless..

After transforming & losing 14.5 kgs of weight, she has to say

"I didn't have the energy and I couldn't move. It really made me feel bad. Now I feel extremely satisfied. I have maintained my weight and follow the Lifestyle habits recommended by Perfekt Curve. "ˇ

Vimal, lost 7.2 kg

Earlier Weight: 119.2 Kg

Treatment: 9 Weight Loss Sessions & 7 Tucks

Duration Of Programme: 5 Months

When he came first to Perfekt Curve, he was seriously overweight and looked much older because of how heavy he was.

After losing 7.2 kgs, this is what he has to say

"There was a time when I was overweight, socializing was as tough as climbing Mt. Everest. Going to parties, marriages or meetings was very embarrassing and torturing. I was so uncomfortable with my weight that I use to be home whole day. Seeing my condition my friends suggested me Perfekt Curve Weight Management program."

Ekta, lost 12.9 Kg

Earlier Weight: 91.6 Kg

Treatment: 40 tucks

Duration Of Programme: 3 Months

She was careless about her eating habits and would eat everything, which included plenty of fast foods. Her friends say, "All along the change in her appearance there was a drastic downswing in her self esteem as well. Her personality changed because she became extremely dejected about her appearance."

After losing 12.9 kgs, this is what she has to say

" My family is really proud of me. They have been there for me through every kilo lost on the way. I never thought I would be a person who would let myself go, but somehow I forgot who I was, and as a result I stopped looking after myself. It came to the point where I did not like the person I had become."

Sarita, lost 9.2 Kg

Earlier Weight: 95.1 Kg

Treatment: 25 tucks

Duration Of Programme: 2 Months

As most of her family was prone to being overweight she simply assumed that it was due to her genes and there was nothing she could do about it. At this time she also realised that her physical condition was also hampering her activities. People viewed her with a great deal of ridicule.

After losing 9.2 kgs in 2 months, this is what she has to say

"I used to be shy. I was total introvert, now I'm a total extrovert. I have met so many people and I have so many friends now. I never wanted to try anything new and now, I want to try everything. I feel beautiful, fit and confident. I've learned that I am a fighter. I didn't know this earlier. Now I know, no matter what, I can accomplish exactly what I set out to do. This whole experience has revealed to me what a strong person I am."